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My first photo website was started in 2000. As I added more material, it grew over the years, and I moved it to different hosting services, until I settled for the current service with my own domain name,, in June 2007.

The website currently features over 300 photos from about 40 countries. It is constantly expanding, with new photos added every month.

Why viaterra ? In latin, via means "road, way, street" and is also used in contexts such as going from a place to another via somewhere. Terra means "Earth". So in other words, viaterra means "going through the world" or "road through the world". I think it is well suited for a website which aim is to share images from many countries.

Early photos were taken with a film camera, and then scanned (before 2003), hence a low quality, or processed on CD (2003-2005). After 2006, all photos are digital.

Please note that all material on this website, all photos and text are copyright and may not be published, copied or used without my agreement.

If you wish to purchase or use a photo, please access the online-store or contact me for a quote if you require a photo which is not in the store.


Legal notice : The data collection and processing of the present website has been declared to France's National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) under number 1375364.




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